2022-09-21 / 7:20 PM PM - Yes, I have time.

Whew, first article in a while. Let's just jump into why...college.

I'm experimenting with clubs I want to join. I've expressed interest in the school yearbook, the school newspaper, Her Campus, a public relations organization, a women's business group, an LGBT group, and an autistic group. Yeah, it's a lot, I know. Personally, I think this all will be somewhat worth it, especially since I may get a job along with all this. Though the job will probably be over summer though because of the amount of clubs I'm in. Will I regret it? Probably. But at least I'm dipping my feet in the water, if you know what I mean.

Right now though, I've sort of lost the motivation to update this site as a result of college. Me being an events coordinator has been really fun, and I'm expecting Her Campus to be fun, since it's my first PR position!

2022-08-16 / 4:11 PM - 4 Days Until Move-In!

And 2 days until no more Target! YAY! Speaking of that, turns out the 5 days a week thing was an accident (yay), but my TL told me she didn't know my hours (boo). I don't think that's an excuse tbh. TLs and other high-ups should know every TMs's hours when scheduling. Period. But luckily as of this Friday, no more of that shit! :)

Keep in mind that I definitely won't be updating much for several days, because I'm moving to college this weekend because of a job I have being an activities coordinator, which requires 3 long training days. Definitely looking forward to it since it's leadership and I'm getting paid. Not as much as Target, but that's fine. I may take 1 or 2 extra jobs depending on how much free time I have so I can get even more pay. But that's after I get settled into college, and I'll also need to make sure I'm able to balance work, school, and life. It's a lot I know. But that's college. I'll be packing for college starting tomorrow and updating frequently with my roommate, and moving in the morning of the only day I can move in.

So yeah, much going on. But, I will try to update when I am time. My website is always under construction! :)

2022-08-06 / 6:19 PM - "Oh boy." - Bop It Extreme 2

Okay...got a lot done before I have to wake up at 3 am tomorrow. My Pinterest account is officially connected to my name-brand email (check it out here), so there's not a lot on it as of now. I also have a SpaceHey account here, but heavily under construction. So excited to see what I do on my socials! :) I wanted to make 2 emails so I know what emails are connected to what sites. I think this might work out well for me, let's just hope my parents don't find out.

And about the work hours stuff, my mom couldn't talk to the person she needed to. Apparently one of the team leads (let's call him Ben) is so adamant about me getting the baby and toddler section done during and after unloading the 4 am truck every single day I work. Ben couldn't find any backup for my work, so he had to rely on other people and himself to do the work in a subpar manner. I'm thinking he told my team lead (let's call her Michelle) to schedule me for five days a week instead of scheduling me no more than four days each week (like I asked). I'm not sure what the hell Michelle or the computer did with my schedule. I will try to talk to HR, because this does not feel right AT ALL. Luckily, I'm not the only person with this problem: lots of team members couldn't get backup, so they have to start where they left off. Damn.

And yes, I will post on SpaceHey eventually. Again, still unfinished, so I'm not comfy posting there. Now, I need to get to bed before I struggle to do so due to my annoyance /hj

2022-08-06 / 10:30 PM - Getting Worse + Changes

The work hours situation just got worse :( When I start work, I'll be working almost 10 days straight, with only Saturday off in between. Currently trying to call Target now, but I won't be surprised if they can't change it. The issue with all this is that it's beyond my availability of 30 hours a week, and they did this without asking me if I was available. This is not okay, imo.

Also needed to say that there will be changes to this website through the next several months. I do want it to look a bit more readable than it currently is. Sometimes a raspberry-colored bubble font isn't always the best font to use. I love Eggramen's templates so I'll be using one of those, but I'll try and make it more of my own. So that's why it may look familiar... Hopefully I can also get posting on other sites as well too. I'll work on as much as I can tomorrow, where I have lots of free time. So good night. I'm off to sleep.

2022-08-05 / 5:45 PMish - First Post!

Finally...after months I've finally got an entry down! So...as of present, I may not be able to update a whole lot. I'm on vacation in the Poconos right now, and my dad doesn't want me on my computer in my bedroom (mine is upstairs). Plus, after this week, I'll be at work Monday to Friday all morning. I might be dealing with double trucks (or even triple) at Target by then according to other team members. I can't fathom doing all this as the only woman (19 y/o!!!) unloading the truck at 4 AM. Even my mom who has worked at Target 20+ years thinks this is something I probably shouldn't be doing. Luckily I'll be able to do a college job as a student activities coordinator, which I'm REALLY looking forward to.

Until then, I'm having fun on my last full day in the Poconos. Lots of kayaking and swimming this vacation, and went to the Mount Pocono carnival Wednesday. It's awesome to spend time with family, at least sometimes.