bop it! twist it! pull it! click it! view it! bookmark it!

View YouTube videos with file names. They had 0 views.

Bored Humans

Some AI programs


If you write something, an AI will try to draw it.


Extract any instruments or vocals from any song (again, probably not perfect)


The video version of Craiyon. You'll have to show interest by completing a Google Forms though.

This Cat Does Not Exist

Similar to TPDNE, but with cats

This Person Does Not Exist

An AI generator will generate a person


TTS programs using deep processing to replicate different characters/people

DeepStory, InferKit, NovelAI, Write with Transformer

These websites will autofill whatever you write. Note that and InferKit have limits on what you can do for free; keep that in mind.

ASCII art gallery


Find any color on pretty much any HTML color code


When you draw, the program can give you suggestions with clipart


Yet another photo editor, but mainly focused on animated GIFs

Break Your Own News

Make your own news headlines

Color Codes from Image

You can drag any image and find any color from it here

CSS Color Codes and Names

See the codes and names for all HTML/CSS colors. Website itself has more than just this though - it's got lots of other things to learn


Lots of favicons here, and you can make your own too. It's how I made my favicons!

HTML Colors

Find any color on pretty much any HTML color code

Inspiral Web

Make virtual spiral art

Jenny's Crayon Collection

A list of Crayola crayon colors

Kaleidoscope Painter

Make your own virtual kaleidoscope art


KidPix in your browser <3


Another photo editor, but has a lot more than just that. It's where I used to make my MOGAI flags (I currently use Canva for that)

Name that Color

Click here if you have trouble naming a certain color

Online Image Editor

Free accessible photo editor

Online Receipt Maker

Put your own weird grocery items on a generated receipt.

Paper Snowflake Maker

A program to use if you're too lazy to make an actual paper snowflake. /hj


Make glitch art for your photos


A free alternative to Blingee


Usermade doll generators

Pixel Speech Bubble

Free accessible photo editor


A photo editor that puts GIF graphics onto your photos

Reference Angle

Look up references of people's faces to draw or do whatever with

Remove background from any image. Keep in mind it's not perfect, so you might want to manually alter it afterwards.

ServiceScape Writing Prompt Generator

Generate writing prompts

Wojak Studio Maker

Make your own Wojaks

Wojak Paradise

Website dedicated to Wojaks

911 Real Time

View 9/11 news and programming in real time


Set your levels of ASMR ambience


Look at some bats

Bored Button

Press it whenever you are bored anywhere.

Ceasar Cipher

Translate your words to a language

Club Nintendo Archives

An archive of Club Nintendo

Deep Space

Ride in deep space

Every Second

Learn what happens every second

The Fanlistings

A collection of sites that allow you to officially call yourself a fan of anything

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions

Probably the most questions you could answer when building a world


A collection of video game things for girls

The First Banner Ad

Look at the first Internet banner ad

I Am Awesome

Yes you are.


Take some personality tests, both professional and fun.

Inspiration Generator

Quotes to inspire you

It Will Never Be the Same

Ride on.


Generate your name in periodic table elements


A 2000s entertainment archive

Lucky Turtle Pond

Can you see the turtle?

Magnet Poetry

Create magnet poetry on your computer


Gives you a random street view of a place

Movie a Minute

For when you're too busy to watch a minute.

Museum of Endangered Sounds

An archive of dying sounds

Museum of Obsolete Media

A wiki of dying and obsolete media

Nuclear Secrency

Nuke cities and compare those nukes to each other.


So many puppies!!!!!!!!


A simulation of TV watching by decade


Wave your mouse around for parties.

The Restart Page

Experience the feeling of your computer crashing.


A collection of art projects that use every single HTML color

Star Asciimation Wars

Watch an ASCII recreation of the first Star Wars movie


A snack review site

Teletext Archaeologist

Archive for teletext data

TWC Classics

An archive of vintage Weather Channel videos and music

TV Tropes

A website dedicated to tropes in media

Vintage Ad Browser

Look at vintage ads

Windows 93

An in-browser OS with lots of weird things you can do!

World's Highest Website

No, not that high. It's literally big.

Your Age On Other Worlds

How old are you on other planets?

Bury Me With My Money

Do it.

Chris Mckenzie

He's so cute. Don't make him sad and move the cursor away from him.

Council to Reopen America

The best choice of staff you could ask for to reopen the country.

Eel Slap

For whenever you're angry.

The longest horse ever.


Tracking uses of really bad English


A tribute to Snoop Dogg

Heaven's Gate

The site of the weirdest cult in the world

How Many of Me

Enter your name, then press Enter.

How Many People are in Space Right Now?

Click above for the answer.

Infinite Wacky Waving

The man will follow your mouse. Click for more of him.

Read it when the Internet collapses.

Internet Pizza Server

Order a pizza online


The no-cost WikiHow

Mister Nice Hands

It's just...two hands. Awesome.

Novelty Answering Machine

Learn about answering machines

Peep Research

A satirical site about Peeps.


A wiki about puns.

Taco Spin

How many times can your taco spin?


Robots read your tarot cards.

This is the Finger

Fuck you.

You Should Have Seen This

Viral stuff everyone should know.


Play AI games

A rhythm-genre DDR-clone

Another collection of flash games. Mainly focused on educational games, but they have other games too, all sorted by category!

Doll Divine

A dollmaker website


Two options. Click on either and get something good or bad.

A website full of games made by people


They have lots of old CD-ROM games to play. It's likely that not every game is the safest, so user discretion is advised.

Simple web games and neat things to do


Various flash games, both classic and more modern. They have a lot of 2000s doll games!


This is also a site where you can download CD-ROM sites. Again, user discretion is advised.

Care for a virtual terrarium


Creator is no longer active, but still another great archive of doll games

SpongeBob Flash Games Archive

Play some archived Spongebob Flash games

Style Dollz

There are lots of Dollz revivals, but this is the best one I think. The new version of the site does not work as well, so you're better off with this archived linked version.

Traffic Simulation

Simulate road traffic

Will You Press the Button?

Will you?

Emuparadise oldgamesfinder Vimm's Lair

Video game emulators


A Tumblr account dedicated to glitter graphics (dividers, GIFs, etc.)


Links to creation resources

Customize your own blinkie from several usermade templates

Blinkie Maker

Like the other blinkie maker, but the blinkies are smaller and simpler


Make clickbait to convince fools on your website

Custom Cursors Open Cursor Library Cursors 4U

Some more modern cursors if you're not a fan of retro-looking ones


An animated GIF maker

Free Backgrounds

A website with user-submitted backgrounds


Some scripts available to use, including hit counters, animated clocks, site translators, etc.


Make animated signatures


Glitter up your graphics


Do some glitter text here, and maybe some glittery backgrounds


Fill any part of your photo with glitter and other prints (again, not perfect)


Edit or add cool stuff to your MySpace...or SpaceHey, like I do.

Don't know what these would be called, but they sure are cool.


Tiled backgrounds.


Fonts form video games.

Wacky Windows Errors

Some random Windows error messages


Some really cool screensavers! (keep in mind most don't support PCs beyond Windows 8)


An archive of ASCII art

Backgrounds Archive

A public site with lots of backgrounds, similar to Glitter Graphics

Bitmap Dreams

Collection of cute pixel art

A blinkies archive

CommentsLive, ChromaLuna

Graphics collection websites

Full Screensavers

Some more screensavers! Unlike 7art, Windows 10 PCs can also use some of them.


An archive of GIFs from GeoCities


A social media site where people share GIFs

Glitter Graphics

Another graphics website! I have used graphics from this site A LOT, and it has everything pretty much.

Icon Browser

Some downloadable icon images (probably from Windows 9x)

Internet Bumper Stickers

A website of bumper stickers, made on the Internet

Laurenfoley's Site

A collection of ASCII(?) glitch art

Laurenfoley's Site

A collection of MySpace icons

Soft Userboxes

If you like the soft aesthetic, these userboxes are for you!

The 88x31 GIF Collection

I think this might be the largest 88x31 collection we've got :)


Collection of art status stamps

A collection of userbars


A collection of Webamp skins

Web Badges World

A web badge collection

ACTUALLY CHRIS WESTGATE, Animated Images, CommentsLive, FoxFable, ChromaLuna, ChromaLuna, gifanimategratis, Gifex, JoyReactor, MoonPixel, oreolover325, pata2, ZingerBug,

General graphics collections

thisdastampdoesnotexist, kakmina,

Random stamp collection


Drag and drop graphics to generate its HTML code

Cameron's World

A tribute to GeoCities

A website that allows you to "join" web cliques

A user-controlled website building off of several stories with transformations of characters. Warning: NSFW!!!!

GeoCities Restorativland

An archive of GeoCities


Generate HTML graphics without actually using HTML

Liberty Van

??? (CW: anti-communism, Christian fundamentalism?)

Ling's Cars


Make Frontend Shit Again


The Most Amazing Website on the Internet



NeoCities sites, organized by neighborhood

Old Google

Google, but more retro.

The Old Net

Like Google, but specifically for older versions of websites.


GeoCities sites, organized by neighborhood

Quote Generator

Learn how to make a button that generates quotes in HTML


Get a map that shows where your visitors come from

RV's Javascript/DHTML Effects

Various fun HTML effects

Space Jam

An old website that promoted Space Jam; the epitome of 90's website design

Virtual Vault

One of the biggest vaults of bookmarked websites to use


A community-grown website detailing the impact of both the classic and modern web

Yvette's Bridal Formal



IDEK anymore


How do you do this? /gen

cinnabar rain

Collection of LGBT buttons

Resources on how to make a MOGAI flag

Emoji Flags

While emojis of most LGBT flags don't exist, this site shows some replacements!

How to Play

I consider age/pet regression at least kind of MOGAI. Here's how to play pretend if you're an age/pet regressor!


LGBT stickers

Folder with tons of flag templates and symbols


A wiki focusing on xenogenders and other LGBT identities


An account with some MOGAI flag templates

Masterlist of neopronouns

Another masterlist of neopronouns

Practice with Pronouns

Practice whatever pronouns you want - good if you have friends with neopronouns!


An account with LGBT flags and symbols

Pronoun Dressing Room

A place to try on whatever pronouns you want

Carrd about plurality, e.g. DID or multiple personalities

Carrd with MOGAI suffixes

Many neurodivergent MOGAI people use tone indicators. Here's what some of them mean.

"You might be sexually attracted if..."

Helpful blogpost about deciding on whether or not you are sexually attracted to someone.

Audio Speed Changer

Adjust the speed and pitch of music


Generate chords

Chrome Music Lab

A series of music tools to use

Citizen DJ Labs

Free-to-use audio and video to use in music

Drive and Listen

Listen to music around the world while driving around the world

A small GarageBand clone, doesn't do much but still useful

EKS-D ParaPara

Here you can find information about Eurobeat and my favorite dance, para para!

Music Map

A map of the entire world of music

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People

Music theory PDFs available for viewing and sale

Everything you need to know about music theory /j


Make percussion and sample beats


Software you can use to create interactive stories, games, and other things. Click here for the manual.

VGM Rips

A collection of retro video game music


A collection of ripped video game soundtracks

Video Game Music

A collection of OST albums

Virtual Hypnotist

Hypnosis program that can make hypnosis sessions

Virtual Piano

Play the piano on your computer


Winamp 2 in your browser. Not a lot of skins to use, but still fun.

Webamp Skin Museum

A gallery of Webamp skins, interactive preview included!

The largest archival website

A list of x86 processed OSs you can use

Error Message Generator

Create custom Windows-style error messages

Excel Unusual

Download and play Microsoft Excel games

KCNA Watch

Read media from North Korea (warning: may have sensitive material)

Lost Media Wiki

Look up some lost and found obscure media

Name Generator

Generate random names

Because newer isn't always better, amirite?

Ringtone Bangers Archive

A collection of ringtones from multiple things

Shareware CD-ROMs

An collection of shareware. You know, those AOL CDs.

A Tumblr or Twitter alternative where you can post your status

Title Scream

Title screens from 8-bit and 16-bit video games

Unsubscribe from email subscriptions you don't want. I've used it to declutter my inbox, and it's awesome


Free livestreams of some US TV networks

Vertex Meadow

Like Minecraft, you can build your own world, but with 2D imagery

A list of x86 processed OSs you can use


Replica of Game Boy camera

We Heart It

A website with lots of images to add to your boards, similar to Pinterest

Wheel Generator

Put anything as an option in a virtual, spinnable wheel


Watch cartoons for free online,

Free website builders that encourage being creative and messy, a great alternative to Wix

FireAlpaca, GIMP, Krita, Paint.NET,

Painting apps

Animated Text

A Tumblr account dedicated to animated text

Color Blender

Blend two colors together, and generate text with the colors that come between them!

Cool Text

Doesn't have glitter, but has tons of other fonts


A website with thousands of fonts, likely the biggest font site


A collection of kaomojis

Emoji Bank

Some bit emojis available for use, requires free account

Emoji Combos

More kaomojis! ^_^


Get some more modern emojis

Get Discord emojis


Organizes textable emojis by category


Like CoolText, but with WAY more selection


Several options for text conversion, but they are actually pastable.


Easily copy and paste emojis and other special characteristics. No need for MS Word!


Make some glow text. Fonts and color selections are a lot more "edgy", in case that's your thing.

Google Fonts

Another collection of fonts.

Oldschool PC Fonts

Download DOS-era fonts

Picture to People

3D textured fonts


Like Glowtxt, but with more spooky and fantastical fonts

Text Color Fader

Make color schemes for your text.

Several HTML commands you can use for your text


Make a picture made up of words. A Wordle alternative.

W3Schools Emoji Reference

A W3 Schools page that shows emoji codes.


Make WordArt just like in Windows 9x!


Make a picture made up of words. A Wordle alternative.

Glitterfy Glitter Text Online, Picasion,

Glitter text generators

Download videos from most websites (except copyrighted music videos)

A Bra That Fits

Enter in your measurements and figure out what bra size you are

Actual Size Ruler

Use a virtual ruler on your computer

Aesthetics Wiki

A wiki about popular (and not so popular) aesthetics


Sort your lists by alphabetical order

Adobe Color Contrast Accessibility

Enter in any website to figure out if it's good color contrast

Color Contrast Accessibility Validator

Another color contrast tool

Canva Color Wheel

Learn what colors look good together

Compare Sizes

Compare the sizes of two people


A collection of URLs

Dead Link Checker

This website can see if a website has any broken links

Down the Mall

Download all images from a website

Learn about emotions and relationships

Every Time Zone

Access to every time zone in the world

EWG Skin Deep

Learn about the ingredients in your products

Flag Detective

Look up real-world flags

Food Timeline

A timeline of food


Multiple website templates you can use

Music Genres List

A huge list of music genres

Number Generator

Can generate numbers from a list. Isn't limited to just numbers though.

Conversion site for media such as documents, videos, and audio

Pink Trombone

Simulator of human speech. Can also be used as a laughter generator /hj

Atmospheric noise generators, which have more randomness than normal computer programs

Theme Kings

Access to every time zone in the world


Download videos from most websites (except copyrighted music videos)

Verb Conjugator

Learn about Japanese kanji


An archive of free Windows software

WTFPL License

A license that allows your viewers to do whatever you want with your material


I solved it. Can you?

Everything you need to know about Mario Mandates

There's a theory out there that Nintendo made Mario stale for a very specific reason. Feel free to have your own opinion about it though.

The Free Site

Free stuff, view to save a life.

I Hate Target

A social media community of people who hate Target. As a soon-to-be ex-Target worker, I empathize with some of their experiences!

Internet Explorer is Evil

Why Microsoft and IE are evil.

Jen But Never Jenn

A series of blogs of someone who attempted to live like a 1950's housewife

"The Number One Reason White Men Give For Not Getting Involved With Diversity and Inclusion"

It's not what some of you think it is.

Richard Stallman's Personal Site

A blog of an activist that keeps in touch with the outside world

"Stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world"

I think we should give our kids more positivity and new ideas about solving this problem since it's a pattern that has worked before.

"The Personal Brand Is Dead"

This is why you may see more younger people being anonymous.


Reviewers eat snacks and review them.

Television History

Learn about the history of television

Terms of Service, Didn't Read

You know you never read them. Here's what some of them mean.

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